Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vomiting & Smiles

We have been battling the flu over here.
A very strange flu.
Neither Luke or I have gotten it.
or my parents.
But the girls have had it the last few days.
They have been throwing up once a day. Usually in the morning. 
But they are happy little campers.
You would not know that they have had a flu by their attitude.
The usual in our house.
Yesterday, Maelle woke up from her nap happy as can be like always.
We brought her down and she was just playing on Luke's lap. 
Then, all of a sudden, throw up EVERYWHERE!
I threw her in the bath and instant smiles again.
I don't understand.
Pea has been bouncing around like usual.
She gets a little docile here and there.
Pea woke up this morning happy and playing with no puke!!!
Hopefully we are over it!!

Here's my little sick pumpkins:


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  1. Stinks that the girls are sick, but at least it's not keeping them down! Very strange that you guys didn't get it though - could it be something they are eating that has gone bad maybe? Probably just a weird bug! Love and miss you terribly.