Wednesday, February 15, 2012


South Africa STOLE my heart.

Luke and I were having one of those late night talks in bed last night. We were talking about stretching ourselves and each other and I said "let's go back to South Africa next year!" I was half joking, half serious. I would LOVE to go back but I think I need to evaluate why I would love to go back.


I feel like North America has ruined any chance of having this word "simplicity" in it's living space. We are so consumed by media, by spending, by saving for the unknown, by owning the bigger and better, by always having something more exciting to do than the time before. We have lost the sense of loving the simple things in life. When we were in South Africa, that is one of the BIGGEST things that really hit me. They have nothing. 


 They don't go to movies on a regular basis, they don't own a 3 bedroom home with 2 vehicles. They sometimes don't know where their next meal will come from. And through all of this, they are the HAPPIEST people I have EVER MET!!! We would stand in a circle for HOURS playing games with each other, laughing hysterically and having the greatest time singing and dancing. Here in north America, people would think I am crazy. Their church service had no end time. It was done whenever it was done. It had no schedule. No routine. The music started from women in the congregation belting out the next song. They did not have a list of songs to be played that day, It was whatever whoever decided to start singing. It was probably one of the best worship times I have ever encountered in my life! They live in community. Families living with families. Here in north America, we HAVE to have our own houses. Living in community would be absurd! There is no internet, or if so, it is SO SLOW you wouldn't want to use it anyways. If people want to contact you, they use their PHONE or better yet, they go over to your house to visit!!! There is no facebook. I just feel like we have missed it. We have missed what life is really all about. We get so caught up in just working, passing the time till the next big event that we can be a part of. We have forgotten about the little things and how AMAZING God is in just the smallest of things. If all our possessions were taken away from us, would we still be happy? Do we TRUST God THAT much??? I would LOVE to go back to South Africa!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! But God has called us here for right now. I need to accept that and just keep trying to show His love through the simple things. 

All in all, it's the simple things that should make us the happiest!!!

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  1. I went on a missions trip to South Africa, I agree with your blog post. Thanks for the reminder!