Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's LOVE day!


This morning we did a craft for daddy with some paint and toilet paper rolls! The girls did GREAT considering I thought Maelle would just eat the paint! lol They did end up painting themselves up pretty good!

I forgot to take a pic of the craft though before daddy took it to work to hang in his office. It was definitely bath time after our craft.

I have been working on a new little dress for Pea and I finished it today. I am pretty proud of this little piece because I made it from SCRATCH! No tutorial, no patterns, nothing. I got my wheels turning in this head of mine and this dress is the result. I have to say I am loving sewing MORE and MORE! There are endless possibilities to it and having two little girls to practice my creations on is PERFECT!!!

It's a little messy in a couple spots when you are really looking but I would have to say it turned out pretty darn cute! And Pea of course LOVES it. Anything with ruffles and frills and girly, she is ALL OVER. Now it's time to make Maelle a little frilly dress of her own! i have some cute blue material that will make her eyes pop!!!

I hope everyone has had a GREAT day so far full of lots of love from their special people!!! I know I have!!!

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