Monday, February 20, 2012

Adventure Weekend

A long weekend. 
More adventurous than we could have ever imagined. 
We started out friday night having a spontaneous date night thanks to Brenda & Graeme who ere willing to take our little girls for the night!
We went into Ottawa and did a little shopping and then had a late dinner at Lone Star. We were originally thinking we would make it to a movie but by the end of supper, it was already past 10:30pm.
We decided we would rent a motel room and stay the night so we could go to Cora's in the morning for breakfast!!! My FAVOURITE place to eat breakfast!!!

It was a GREAT, SPONTANEOUS date night!

Sunday morning, I woke Pea up to get ready for church and found that she had thrown up all in her bed during the night and was covered in puke. She woke up, looked at the puke and just pointed to it saying "mess, mess, mess!" The wild thing is that she hadn't even made a peep during the night when she did it. 
So we stayed home from church and I washed her about 10 times trying to get the smell out of her hair!
Then all of a sudden, Maelle threw up all over the dining room floor! 
Poor little girls. 
It was a rough morning.
But I have to say I take advantage when my little girls are sick!
They are not cuddlers. They never have been.
Not even when they were newborns.
But when they are sick, it is a different story!
Maelle cuddled me sunday morning until she fell asleep.
That NEVER happens!
So I took advantage.
and soaked it in.
Until we had to leave our poor little girls.
Of course the ONE day your children need and want you the most, you just have to leave them.
We had to photograph a wedding.
If I had any other job, I would be calling in sick.
but for a have to be committed! 
Unless it is an extreme emergency, you better show up!
So we did.
With heavy little hearts for our little girls.
but they were in good hands...their Nana & Papa!!!

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL though!

Eric & Alicia
They got ready in the middle of nowhere! 
the boonies!
Way down this little private cottage road.
Luke went to drop me off at the girls place and then was going to head to the guys place to take pictures.
He left and 5mins later he's running back to the house telling me our car is in the ditch!
The road was SUPER icy  and they had not been down to sand the road.
So we just left the car, we didn't want to spend time trying to figure out how to get it out when we are supposed to be photographing the most important day in someone's life.
We went on as usual.
Hitched a ride with the girls in the limo! lol
The wedding was at Temples Sugar Bush.
The location was GORGEOUS!

Their vows were AMAZING!!!

Probably some of the best vows we had ever heard. And we've been to a few weddings! lol

Here is a little sneak peek of the two of them:

They were a REALLY GREAT couple!
We had a lot of fun with them!!!
They are a couple that we left their wedding saying "I could see us being friends with that couple!"

We were done photographing at 5:30pm but were not sure what to do about our car.
We called trusty Graeme and he came with his SUV and some traction grips.
At first he didn't think he could get us out with just his vehicle so we went down to a guy's house that we knew had a tow truck and a few other big trucks. He wasn't willing to help though. Even if we paid him!
So Graeme tried and got us out!
We were so thankful because trying to get a tow truck down to where we were would be at least a couple hundred bucks!

We came home after a LONG day to a clean house!
 Thanks to my MOM!!!
 She had cleaned our bedroom COMPLETELY!!!
Ok. I know some of you are thinking..."that is SOOO WEIRD! She cleaned their room???"
but it was AMAZING!
If you had stepped into our bedroom before she cleaned it, you would not be able to walk because there were so many clothes on the floor in piles and heaps.
She had taken all the clothes on our floor, washed them and put them away. She even re-organized our bedroom and added in a hanging rack for more storage!

It looks AMAZING!!!

I know some people would be totally weirded out by that, but to me, that was the coolest!!!
I could not think of a better way to come home after a very long day!

So today is family day!
We got the girls all fed and dressed.

 And off to Randy Williams house to check out his little hobby farm and see our dead pig getting chopped to pieces small enough to be put in our freezer!
 Kapua was there helping package it.

This is one of the pigs!
Pea thought it was pretty cool and was saying "Hi" & "Bye" to it!
We let Pea wake Lindsay up from her sleep after the night shift weekend! lol 
Then off to see the sheep or as Priscilla calls the "Peets" 
We look at the chickens but Pea was not fond of them at all, the backed up as soon as we opened the door! 
Maelle was cool just sitting on the edge of the garage.

and Pudds!
Kapua & Lindsay"s cat.
Pea was kissing and hugging and just loving all over him!

all in all
it was a pretty eventful weekend. and we still have half a day left!

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