Friday, February 17, 2012

Brag, Brag, Brag

I am a PROUD mommy!
Is that bad?
I can't help but think my kids are the most adorable kids on the planet! And on any other planet!
I know, I know.
that's what being a mommy is all about! 
Every mom thinks that THEIR kid or kids are the cutest!!!
You CAN'T argue with a mom!!!!
So here I am.
A mom.
Bragging about how stinking adorable my little Pea and Ellie are and as you read, you are probably thinking 
"ya right, my kid is the BEST!" lol
That's what being a mom is all about! We love our kids soooo much that no one elses kid even compares! And to the people who are reading this and haven't had kids yet, once you do, you will understand and be like 
"oh remember that blog that Lee-Anne wrote once about her kids being the coolest? Well that was so not true!!! MY kid is the coolest!!!" 

We went for a little walk today and the girls were so darn cute! Hugging and kissing and laughing and happy screaming in unison. It was quite adorable and it made me so happy that I had them so close together. Already, they seem like best friends! 
They love like best friends AND they fight like best friends!

So I took a few pics of "the CUTEST kids on the planet"!!!

So there they are!
My adorable little girls that I love so RIDICULOUSLY much!!!

On a side note: Is it bad that I wanted Nutella SOOOO BAD today on my strawberry and banana crepes that I decided to garbage pick?!?! Luke "finished" the Nutella this morning on his toast so he threw the container in the garbage but I was jonesing SO BAD that I picked the container out of the garbage and scraped the inside till it was spotless with my spatula! ok...ok...the lid was on it when Luke threw it in the garbage...I'm not THAT gross! lol

Now that I have shared my secrets....please leave me a comment to let me know who is aware of my garbage picking adventures so I know that I am not alone!!!


  1. Haha! You have the cutest GIRLS on the planet, but Tristan is the cutest BOY on the planet :) Love your garbage picking, I would totally do the same thing. *HUGS* Miss you mama and those beautiful babies!

    1. Tristan IS the cutest boy on the planet!!!
      I LOVE HIM!!!

  2. I love this post! You are so proud of your little ladies (as you should be!) We've all been very blessed with AMAZING kids! And don't worry I'll forgive your garabage picking ways if you forgive my stalker-ish tendencies!

    1. I'll forgive your stalker-ish ways Jenny! We were out of town the other night, over night, and when we got home, i thought "I wonder if Jenn noticed our car gone ALL night!" LOL It gave me a chuckle!!!