Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calm & Reflective

 Our day started at 7am this morning.
Not a usual time for us to be up.
It is usually silent at 7am.
Everyone still tucked in their beds off in dreamland.
It worked out great though.
We usually do not get to go to playgroup at the old high school.
We are usually just getting up when it begins.
So today.
By gosh darnnit, we MADE IT!
AND we made it right on time!
9:20am and we are leaving the house to walk down.
Play group was neat!
This was the first time there.
They have a really cool setup.
Hopefully these 7am wake-ups become more regularly, at least on wednesdays or thursdays.
We even had a walking buddy home! Thanks Jenn!

Naps were instant. 
We walk in the dorr and as fast as Pea could take off her boots and her coat, she is searching around for bunny and on the couch waiting for her bottle.
Maelle was not far behind.

Today has been nice.
I've had some quiet time to myself.
Just to think.
And listen to music I love.
Like this group : TFHNY
I have been reflecting.
And just enjoying this quiet time for myself.
With a hot cup of espresso, milk and hot chocolate in my hand.
Thoughts running through my head.
Thinking about how amazingly blessed I am.
I have a truly AMAZING husband.
God has blessed me tremendously with him.
He is everything I could ever wish for and so much more.
A true gentleman.
Thanks you Brenda & Graeme for raising such a true beauty of a man!
I am so, so, so blessed.
And then I look at my children.
If you walk in our house, you may notice the few hundred photos we have everywhere of these two beauties.
I can't help but look at them and just melt.
Beautiful is not even close enough to describe these girls.
They melt me.
I would do ANYTHING for these two.
God has blessed me tremendously.

ok....just thinking of them, I am starting to tear up.

I have so much to be thankful for.


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