Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turning Toddler

My little darling Pea.
Is not a baby anymore.
Every day.
She seems to get bigger.
Learn more.
Play different.
She is growing up.
I love to watch her.
When she plays with her baby.
You cannot tell me women are not nurturers at heart.
From the small age of 23 months.
I am seeing a mothering instinct.
Taking care of her baby.
feeding her baby.
Loving her baby with kisses and hugs.
God made us to love and nurture.
And you can see it in my 23 month old.
She is showing off God's heart.
As little as she is.
I just sat back with my camera.
Watching Pea play with her baby.
It was quite adorable.
She pretended her baby was crying.
And then started hugging and kissing her to console her.
She fed her pizza.
And put her to bed.
Then talked to her like her baby was just another person.

 She has so many mothering qualities already.
I look at her as she talks and plays with Maelle.
This morning, she would not eat her eggs until I gave Maelle eggs.
And then she would not eat her apple sauce until I gave Maelle apple sauce.
She takes care of her sister.
Constantly giving her toys.
And when she is crying, she will try to console her with a toy or hugs and kisses.
When Maelle falls asleep having her bottle, Pea is there giving her a goodnight kiss.
She has such a gentle, caring heart.

Here are a few pics of Maelle yesterday.
In all of her glory.
Playing with my wallet.

Daisy is our cat.
She used to hate being in the same room as a child.
But when you have 2 children so close.
Daisy doesn't have any choice but to accept it and embrace it.
Daisy has changed a lot in the last 2 years.
She roams the house as a queen.
Taunting the girls.
By walking by brushing up against them, then running away faster than they can get her.
Then 2 seconds later, she is back.
Taunting them again.
I secretly think Daisy LOVES the girls now.

Pea likes to try and kiss Daisy and she walks by.

This is my life.
My two girls are my world.
I wouldn't change it for anything.

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