Monday, April 2, 2012


my beautiful little Pea-Diddle turned 2!
It's rather hard to believe
time has flown by so fast.
It seems like yesterday
we were in the middle of a "LOST" marathon,
just waiting for this little person to make his or her way out into this world.
She arrived at 6:25am.
A beautiful, caring soul entered this world!
we celebrated!
It was low-key.
Just the 4 of us.
Pea started her day off with a breakfast she loves!
Or "tella" as she calls it.

Then we went to visit Nana at work.
We picked up some McDonalds.
It is one of Pea's favorite places to eat!
Every time she sees it, she says "french fries!"
I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
but mommy and daddy don't mind.
When we go through drive-thru,
she always has to say "hi" to the people working.
they gave her a free toy!
Just because she is THAT special.
and probably because the ladies there know us...
we are kind of regulars.

 After lunch we had some quiet time/nap.
Pea LOVES the Backyardigans
so she spent a little bit watching them.
I even found a birthday episode just for her!
She was pretty excited!

Nana came over after work for a bit and brought Pea a present.
It was a baby doll named "Jenny"
from the Sweet Shoppe.
 Pea LOVED it!
She took her shoes on and off,
fed her cupcakes,
stirred and baked.

Then Ellie Bean woke up!
So we took them outside and gave Pea a present from us.
A little tricycle.
Of course we had to spend lots of time learning to ride.
Ellie rode the little sun.

We went for a nice walk downtown
and then came back and played for a while.
Pea LOVES spray bottles!

Supper consisted of Pea's other favorite place to eat:
Pizza Pizza!
Pea had 3 slices of pizza
and Ellie ate 2 slices!
They love their pizza!

Then Brenda and Graeme came to visit.
They brought her more presents.
A Little People Campground, play dough & jeans!

And of course,
we had to end with some cake of some sort!
and a BIG MESS! lol
We decided it would be fun to put a sprinkler the shape of a 2 on her cupcake.
At first Pea thought it was cool.
Until I came closer with it.
Then she got scared of it!
and our smoke detector started going off. lol
she didn't find it funny though!
It might not have been the brightest idea! haha
Pea pretty much just ate all the icing off the cupcake
and then shared it with her sister.
It was quite adorable and Maelle thought it was hilarious
that her sister was feeding her cupcake!
They are quite the little best friends.

So all in all
it was a GREAT birthday for Pea.
She had a lot of fun!
TK & Lindz stopped by right before the girls went to bed
to wish Pea a happy birthday.
Now on to planning a double birthday party for the girls on saturday
with the whole fam
and TK & Lindz.
 Should be another fun celebration!
And then Ellie turns 1 next monday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday P! You are so full of life, love, and light! What a dear you are... We hope to see you really soon

    Sarah and Matt KG

  2. Love this Lee! So adorable & a great way to keep memories for the girls!