Monday, April 30, 2012

Daddy's Perspective

Daddy's weekend as a Mommy.

So a few days ago I noticed that my wife was due for a break.  Sitting on the couch together talking about life and being parents I realized Mommy needed to get away.  So being the good husband I think I am, I said to her, "why don't you take a few days and get away".  At this moment I entered myself into an unknown world, a whole weekend with a toddler and a one year old baby. 

It was Saturday morning 0830 hours, children were getting up.  From this moment on I was taking care of the kids until mommy returned sometime in the near but distant future.  I got the girls fed dressed and ready for the day while mommy got packed and ready to go.
First task into uncharted waters was putting my 2 year old's hair into pig-tales.  It was a struggle but before my wife left she stayed to supervise the hairdo attempt.  After several tries, one loud roar of frustration and twenty minutes, I had succeeded in getting my child's hair out of her face. 
By the time mommy left and daddy got himself together it somehow already became lunchtime, where does the day go while you are taking care of kids?  Saturday was just filled with daddy and his girls, we played on the floor, we went for a walk, we watched a show and then had Pizza Hut!
One special note of attention I would like to make is that I didn't think it was possible to change 6 poopy bums in one day, but somehow I managed to. 
By the end of the day the girls cuddled me while they drank their bottles I got them ready for bed after a wild bath time, were daddy, fully clothed,  was as wet as his girls.  With them both silently in their beds I took some time to think about the day and came to the realization, I need a weekend away and is not even been 12 hours yet.  If you are a father and you think your wife has it easy while you go to work every day, think again. 
I made the smart decision to stay up late and do taxes even with the full knowledge that tomorrow was going to be a big test, CHURCH.  As I lay in my bed missing my wife I made a calculated decision that saved my life, set the clock half hour earlier than normal.  If I had any chance of getting to church with Priscilla's hair done I knew I needed at least an extra 20min. 

0730 Sunday morning came way to early, but within minutes it was all worth it because the sound of excitement coming from both the girls room fully energized me.  I made the mistake of not getting clothing out for the girls the night before, but even with that I got the girls fed, dressed, hair done (only pea) and somehow put myself together and out the door EARLY??? Yes EARLY.  In fact I made it to church with 15 minutes to spare.

While at church I thought to myself how proud I was, "ha Lee-Anne can't do this, but I AM A MAN and I DID GET THEM HERE EARLY".  Within seconds my bubble of pride would be popped.  I thought it would be good to brag to my mother about getting here early.  In her wisdom she informed me that I didn't have to do my hair, makeup all while trying to get babies to church.  All I had to do was brush my teeth and throw some cloths on, whatever was on the floor.  Then I thought about it harder, I don't even think I brushed my teeth.  I was so concerned with being SUPER DAD by getting to church on time, I forgot not only to brush my teeth, but a certain under arm application was also unfortunately forgotten. 

What I learned about church is this, it's hard.  It is hard to be alone watching two little girls, try to connect with people, all while trying to remember you are there to worship God.  I get that it is hard for mommies of young children.  In our situation it makes this a bit more complicated because of my involvement in the church I am not much help to Lee-Anne on a Sunday morning.  So even though I was there early it didn't mean much because church is a busy time with little ladies.

The rest of the weekend went pretty well, Sunday afternoon we got to go over to Mama's house and spend the afternoon and evening.  It was great to watch my girls play with their grandparents and to see how much they love them. 

That night I stayed over at my parents and had Ellie sleeping in the same room as me.   Being the good father I am I decided when I went to bed to watch something on my phone, with headphones on, who do you think I am?  But nonetheless Ellie still woke up, but I took a rare opportunity to bring her in with me and snuggle her back to sleep with me.  It was a very precious moment.

The next day we had a fun morning just the 3 of us, but the girls were up way earlier that normal so by the afternoon I was beat, soooooo, we headed over to the other Nana's house for that afternoon.  I realize that you are probably now thinking, "he didn't do it all alone, half the weekend he spent with the kids grandmothers."  That may be true but i Still did my fair share of work!

What did I learn from this whole experience you might ask?  Give mothers out there the credit their due.  You may have a very tireing job, but nothing is like being a full time parent.  You don't have time to yourself, your whole day revolves around the needs of others, and what an amazing and selfless job that is.  I didn't have that mommy moment where I broke down and cried something like, "I'm not me anymore I am just a Daddy...sniff...sniff...sniff, but any longer and I probably would have.  My hat goes off to all the mommies out there, as well as maybe the daddies that do this alone, but what I do know is that parenting was never supposed to be done alone!


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