Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This is the first year.
The first year of many.
The first year to celebrate two little girls birthdays.
Maelle turned 1.
Pea turned 2.
We decided this year,
we would have a joined birthday.
The first of many I am sure.
So we prayed for nice weather.
and got our pen and paper out
to write down what we needed for the big day.
We held it at my moms.
Nothing too fancy.
Just a whole lot of kids and some of the most important people 
in my two little girls lives.
Invites only went out to people who are blood related.
Or as close to blood related as you can possibly get.
The guest list included:
Grandparents. Great Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Nephews. Nieces.
and of course
TK & Lindsay
Which are pretty much family as it is.
Since Pea calls them 
Uncle Bakua & Aunt DiDi
They are blessed to have so many amazing people in their lives.
So many people to pour their hearts out
into these little girls.
To love them.
and teach them.
and show them right from wrong.
Sometimes parents are just not enough.
and these little girls have a whole gang
of people to run to when mom and dad just don't cut it.
People who will invest their time
and energy into these two little girls.
They are blessed.
So their birthday party looked like this:

 It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Was Maelle ACTUAL birthday.
She turned 1.
At 11:28am.
A year ago today I woke up with contractions.
At 8:30am.
We called TK & Lindz to come watch Pea.
She was still sleeping at the time.
We went into the hospital around 9:30am.
And out she came.
TK & Lindz barely had Pea fed and dressed by the time we had called tot ell them the good news.
Maelle came so fast!
I guess she was just so excited to come into this world
and show her beautiful blue eyes.
She is the complete opposite of Pea.
It is quite funny.
She loves to be with you.
to be on you.
she embraces quality time.
one on one.
If you are a stranger,
beware of her stare.
but if you are familiar,
she'll melt your heart with her smile.
She is an amazing little girl with the most beautiful eyes I have EVER seen.
we celebrated her.
Just the 4 of us again.
and it was a great day!

So the birthdays are over.
for another year.
Thank you everyone who wished them a happy birthday.
or who came to celebrate.
It was a little bit of bright in a very dark week.

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  1. I just love them oh so much! I wish we could have been there to celebrate their birthdays! I miss them already and Tristan does too - I think he was looking for them today. He also got excited when I talked to him about Daisy haha :) Big hugs to my Haggett Bunch!