Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy Vacation

After my last post,
Luke and I had a long conversation and he offered
to look after the girls and send me on a "mommy vacation" to Toronto
to visit a dear friend Sarah.
At first I was hesitant.
I have NEVER went on a vacation without at least part of my family.
If the girls aren't there, at least Luke is.
but not this time.
Luke was going to stay home and watch the girls.

by the way:
I have the MOST AMAZING husband a woman could EVER ask for!

So I agreed.
I knew Luke would be fine.
He is a wonderful daddy that is very involved with our girls
so he knows what they like and how they like it.
I was still hesitant.
I felt selfish.
Luke assured me that this is just what I need and to go.

I was so happy I went.
I visited my friend Sarah Klein Geltink in Guelph.
She is a BEAUTIFUL girl
inside & out.
She is someone I know I can pour my heart out to and not feel judged.
She loves me for me.
She is a self-less, Godly woman and I am so thankful 
that first year Luke was at Tyndale I got to meet her.
Some people could call it fate.
Some people could call it coincidence.
but I KNOW
God was there.
He made it happen.
And I know that our friendship will last for a long time!
Thank you Sarah for opening your doors and for being an amazing comfort. 

I spent monday going downtown to my ol' stompin ground
Younge & Dundas
I did a little shopping at the Eatons Centre,
the mall I used to skip class and spend hours wandering!
It was crappy weather though so my Queen St shopping was very limited.
I stopped by my friend Crystal's on the way home
to spend the night with her and her lovely little 5 month old girl
in Peterborough.
It was so nice to finally get to meet Charlotte
but it made me miss my girls so terribly much!

I got home today
and I was SO EXCITED to see my family.
It was nice to get away and have a "ME" weekend 
but there is nothing like snuggling in bed with my two little girls and my hubby!
I am thankful I got to go.
It was definitely refreshing
and God definitely showed His face a lot throughout the weekend.
There were a fair bit of tears but I know it was just what I needed.

Thank you to my AMAZING hubby for letting me go 
and for my mom and Brenda for keeping an eye on the 3 of them while I was gone!


  1. Glad you got to get away. I really think the key to surviving motherhood (from what I've observed) is to have get-away trips or short away times. I really think motherhood is so hard because is its 24/7 with no real breaks. Having a break is crucial. I also think the reason why being a Grandparent is so special is because they have opportunities to miss their grandchildren (aren't with them 24/7). Giving yourself an opportunity to refresh and to miss your family makes sense to me. Good for you for having a retreat :) Hopefully you came back refreshed.

  2. I JUST saw this now! It was an honour and privilege to have you and you and your family are welcome in our home ANY time. We love you and thank God for you guys. I agree... that meeting at Tyndale could not be a coincidence! The Lord knew we needed each other and I thank God he brought you to me that weekend!