Sunday, March 11, 2012

My sewing machine has been busy....

So I have been sewing a lot lately.
I find it my getaway.
something I can pour my creativity into.
I'm just learning.
Each new thing I make is a new learning experience.
 With trial and error.
Here are a few things I have made lately...

Little shorts for Maelle:

Little shorts for Pea:

Daddy t-shirt dress:
"It's whats on the inside that counts - Twinkies"

Another Daddy t-shirt dress:

Here's a couple pics of the girls wearing their pillowcase dresses:

And this is my first project for myself, my new pencil skirt:

So that's it folks!
That is what I have been up to in my dining room!
I am hoping to eventually start a little kids clothing line so keep your eyes open for that!

I hope everyone had an amazing day today with the weather being GORGEOUS!!!
We took the two little sillies out for a walk this afternoon.
We brought our camera and had a little fun.
Here are a few favs from this afternoon!

I love these two girls so much!!!
They make me laugh!!!

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  1. YOU MADE ALL THAT! That is INCREDIBLE! Love the pencil skirt too! Way to Go Lee!