Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Friends Ever

We got a call sunday afternoon
from our friends
TeKapua & Lindsay.
They said they wanted to do something for us
because we have had a long week and a long couple months.
all we had to do was find a babysitter for monday,
they were going to take us out.
 We scrambled around to find a babysitter.
Well no. That is an exaggeration!
We just had to post it on facebook and we got some hits instantly.
I mean,
who wouldn't want to take care of 2 adorable little girls.
or so I think.
So monday morning came around.
TK & Linds showed up at our house 
and made french toast and bacon for us!
Our wonderful babysitters
Ainslee &Alana
came by just before 11am and we were off.
They took us to Le Nordik for an afternoon of relaxation.
and then we went to this delicious mexican place
just downtown Ottawa called

We are so blessed to have this couple in our lives.
There are very few people that you can be real and honest
and talk about anything with.
These two,
we've passed the barriers.
There are no walls.
We can be ourselves with no reserve.
We are so thankful that God placed them in our lives
and we look forward to many, many, many years to come with them!
We are blessed to have such amazing friends!
Thank you so much for your kindness 
and thoughtfulness!

We LOVE you both so much!

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