Sunday, April 6, 2014

Birthday Time

It's birthday time again in the Haggett house.
April is a busy one because Pea & Ellie
both have their birthdays a week apart from each other.

As most of you probably know by now,
I have been taking a break from Facebook for the last month or so.
I go on it occasionally to put up a new profile pic or to answer a message from someone
but for the most part, that is it.
I have tried to cut myself off from reading status updates and mommy blog posts
that are constantly bombarding my news feed.
I have really been bothered by all these new blog posts
dissing the creative person and saying that mom's shouldn't be creative
with their children or enhance their children's magical lives with crafts and such.
To a creative person like myself,
I am insulted when I read these posts.
I absolutely LOVE being creative.
That is a gift God gave me and I have such a passion for it
and my children are inheriting the same passion.
I did not get a beautiful voice or a smart brain for english or physics,
I didn't get an athletic body or a career driven mind,
God gave me my creativeness.
That is me.
So when I read these blog posts about moms who look at other moms
and get upset because one mom is doing crafts and making things for their children
and the other mom isn't,
it urks me.
That is the way I connect with my children.
We sit down and explore different ideas, create things from their imagination.
We bring their minds to life with a costume.
I am not trying to be better than anyone else.
I am not trying to show off
or make other moms feel bad about themselves,
and if I have
That is NOT my intention whatsoever.
Being creative is my outlet to joy, to happiness.
It is like telling another mom to stop doing what they are passionate about
because it is making other moms upset.
I am not going to tell the athletic mom to stop teaching their child how to
shoot a basketball in the net so darn well because it makes my child
look incompetent!
If that is what they are passionate about and that is the way they connect with their child,
I say "GO FOR IT!!!".
I am not going to tell the math genius to stop teaching their child how to
add because my child is not school smart at all and doesn't
even know her numbers yet so it makes my child look dumb.
Or the mom who has a passion for gardening and spends all day in the garden
with her child, I am not going to tell her to stop spending time in the garden teaching
her child about flowers and growing vegetables
because I don't have a green thumb whatsoever and my child
doesn't even know a daisy from a rose.
We all have our own passions,
our own areas that we excel in.
Let us pass it on to our children and enjoy spending time with them
doing something that we love!
I get that people do go overboard for holidays.
but if you LOVE throwing parties and decorating and you enjoy it so much,
I say "GO FOR IT!"
Enjoy sharing your passion and let your creative side out!!!

So this year for my girls birthdays,
I decided I would make them Anna & Elsa dresses!
If you have little ones at all, you have probably been introduced
to the lovely Disney hit "Frozen"
which my girls instantly fell in love with
and you have probably heard the songs "Do you want to build a snowman" & "Let it go"
one too many times but I have to admit,
I actually really like this one!
The girls knew I was making them a dress but they had no idea it was an
Anna & Elsa dress
so it was pretty special to see their faces light up when they saw what I had made them!
I found it so relaxing and fun to make these and I was so happy about how they turned out!

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