Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming
so us moms need to get creative!
Especially when you live in Canada
and it gets SO COLD!
I am always looking for new ways to get some energy
out of the girls 
without having to bare the cold and spend
hours getting them dressed in their winter attire.
we took Ellie`s mattress and brought it upstairs
and put it over the 3 little steps between our living room and dining room.
I put slippery pants on them
and pillows at the bottom to brace their fall if they jumped too far
and off they went.
They played for over an hour
jumping and sliding,
laughing and giggling.
It was a great way to get some energy out
and have fun doing it!


Anyone else have fun indoor ideas for the cold long winter months?
I would LOVE to hear them!!!


  1. So fun!! I remember doing things like this with my sisters when we were little! They will remember these moments for ever I'm sure! :)

  2. Hey Lee-Anne!

    I thought about you the other day and your post from oh-so long ago where your oldest was having a hard time being left in nursery. I had assumed that you didn't have a strong nursery program @ your church but it was an adjustment thing instead. It was really helpful to picture the struggle it can be for mom's to come to church (especially when they are solo). You happened to have a well functioning nursery program after all but your post got me thinking and I've been working ever since to ensure that we have a good running nursery program at our church. It's still a work in progress (workers leaving/needing to find new ones), but it's been something new mom's have appreciated. I enjoy volunteering in the nursery too! Thanks for sharing your perspective on coming to church with little helps to hear the struggles to then picture ways that the body can be more effective in serving. Thanks again :)

    - Rachel Spink