Monday, October 21, 2013

A Skinny Girl's Perspective

You all know those women
that have a baby and then a month later are thinner than
you have been in your entire life.
I am one of those women.
I have been struggling with this for years now.
Ever since I had my first little girl.
I know,
you are probably saying
"what is she struggling with?"
but the fact is,
it is not all fine and dandy being thin.
When you lose the weight that fast,
not only do you get dirty looks from other mothers
but you are constantly bombarded with the oh so famous
angry comments followed by a "just kidding".
At first it didn't bother me.
I shook it off and held my head up.
But after having 3 babies
and still getting comments thrown at you
left, right & center,
it is getting a little harder to deal with.
I am not wanting pity.
I just want women out there to see the other side.
The side from a skinny girl
that can't control her weight loss.
There are many days that I just wish I could hold onto my fat
just so I could get away from the snarky comments 
that are always "jokes" but feel like knives digging into my back.
I have become self conscious about what I wear,
not wanting to wear form fitting clothes to avoid the stare down
from another mother.
The point that I really want to make with this blog
is that us mothers have to stick together!
We have to uplift each other no matter what!!!
Whether your friend loses her weight or not,
if she has a better delivery than you
or a smoother recovery.
It seems like our world is so concentrated on the negative,
the horror stories and who had it worse
that we ignore the people who have had it ok and we ignore THEIR stories.
 We all go through struggles
and we all have our praises.
I want us women to be able to rejoice in the praises
as much as you encourage in the struggles.

Words are like daggers,whether you are joking or not.

Motherhood is tough enough!
Let's not put ourselves down, or others
but rather
use your words to praise others and
lift them up!!!


  1. SO well said! I am not one of those mamas who loses weight easily BUT I had a similar experience... I worked hard to get the baby weight off. HARD. 5-6 days a week or 5 am workouts, tracking calories, meal planning, drinking my water.... ect. Hard work. But still I was faced with resentment, accusations, questions on my marriage, jabs, jabs, jabs... I'll never forget when I was called a 'skinny-B*' by a friend.... You look beautiful. And yes I look you up and down... but very much in a 'daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that mama looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!' kinda way :) Good for you. Seriously. Good for you!!!!!!!! We all have our struggles, some are hidden better than others but the last thing we need is other mama's tearing each other down.

    Lets be friends please :)

  2. My last post didn't appear on here, so hopefully this will work!

    Totally get you, Lee! I know sometimes women give remarks or give the 'up and down' look. I love that you have brought this discussion up. I'm totally on board with what you said about rejoicing in the praises, etc. and that women need lift each other up! Instead of keeping the thoughts to ourselves it think it is so much better to offer a positive compliment to other women/moms. A positive comment can be so uplifting when we all know how challenging some days are. So, I'll be the first to publicly say, Lee, you are one hot mama!!! Looking forward to hanging out again soon with our wild bunch!

  3. Jealously is an ugly thing, don't be ashamed of having a beautiful body. Being a mom IS hard enough without having to worry about how amazing you look!!!

  4. Thank you sharing this!! So happy to not be alone in this odd struggle. It is something I can't really talk to my mommy friends about without getting strange looks or insensitive comments.