Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Battle

I have been battling facebook for a while now.
They say facebook has opened up a whole new way to communicate.
but then again
it has closed so many forms of communication.
I really like facebook for being able to share pictures and videos
of my girls to my best friends that are out of town.
I love how easy it is for them to be able to be part of our lives,
even when they live so far away
and we only get to see each other maybe once a year.
Other than that,
I really dislike facebook.
I hate how facebook has made it so easy to see what 
is going on with people in your very own town.
Instead of calling them up
or having them over for tea,
you can go to their page and get caught up on everything that has
been going on in their lives lately.
I am such a culprit for this.
It is aweful!
You can creep peoples pages without leaving a trace.
Facebook makes "relationships" too easy.
It bothers me.
but can you really call them "relationships"?
 Everything is done online.
Life outside of the online world is non existant.
I am really having a hard time with this.
I have debated deleting my facebook for this very fact,
but then I am cutting out those closest to me that are so far away.
 I am not sure how to balance it
or how to change it.
My daily dilema.
and where do I go from here?

I have wasted too much time on this silly little site.
time away from my girls.
time away from my husband.
Does anyone else have this problem?
It sucks you in.
If you have any curious bone in your body,
you find yourself going from one page to the next.
But where do you call it quits?
How do you break this habit?
Do you just cut it off?



  1. I hear you Lee! While technology can be SO useful at times, it can totally make us lazy in our relationships. I know in the past I have taken breaks from it, but find it hard now that I often have to use it for work networking and advertising. So I'm not sure what to do... I just know that the true culprit is myself and have to think of why I allow myself to get sucked in so easily.... sigh.... glad to know I'm not the only one struggling!

  2. I picture you saying "facebook" the same way that Seinfeld says "Newman."
    I feel the exact same way.

  3. If your main purpose is to share pictures and videos with loved ones, just use Picassa online albums. You can choose who gets access to your family pictures/videos with Picassa and there is more creative features. So, you stay in touch with loved ones, and then just use Facebook for everything else, which might be not much! :)