Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Hold

I regret to inform you
that my dreads will be put on hold.
It saddens me to be saying this
but I just can't do it.
I have spent the past week trying.
Dreads are ridiculously hard! 
At least if you want to do them properly and have them look nice.
I am a person that is persistent on getting it right.
I won't do it unless I can do it properly.
and I just can't get it.
I can do many things to my own hair but
I just can't.
until I can find a ridiculously amazing dreader
in my area or I go to Massachusetts
where my dream dreader lives,
I will have to just wait.
and in the meantime,
I may have braids more often than not
just because it gives me a little feeling of dreads
and makes me feel happy!

On a side note:
If you read my last blog,
you will know that yesterday was an AWFUL day.
but I have to say,
this morning was WONDERFUL!
The girls and I baked some cheese biscuits 
and had a little tea party.
There was cheese squished into our carpet in the kitchen
and Maelle ended up dumping cups of flour on her lap
when I had turned my head
but all in all,
it's been a GREAT day!
"some days are like that, even in Australia"
Alexander and the terrible , horrible, no good, very bad day

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