Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day To Day

Every day is a new day.
I never know what the day will bring.
Each day brings 
Staying home with my two girls is never boring.
never slow.
never quiet.

Here is a glimpse into the house of the Haggett's:

*Every time the furnace comes on, Ellie says "HOT Mommy, HOT!"

*Priscilla asks for a dance party at least once a day.

*Never give a 2&1/2 and 1&1/2 year old glitter and glue because you 
will be seeing glitter all over the house for the next year.

*You better be able to sing & pray if you are going to put my children to bed.

*Ellie does NOT stop talking. EVER! She will repeat the same thing 100 times 
if she feels it is appropriate and she will not stop talking from the minute she 
wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep. ALWAYS BLABBING!!!

*every day Ellie has a saying she says over and over randomly throughout the day
ex. "Papa's hands dirty" "I don't like puppets" "finger in the door"

*you cannot go into the bathroom without both girls asking to brush their teeth

*Pea is obsessed with helping in the kitchen from doing dishes to making dinner

*When I am having a rough day with the girls, Pea asks daddy to do a craft for mommy

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