Friday, August 31, 2012

The Haggett's Are On The Move

It's holiday season.
Luke took 2 weeks off.
last minute planning and we are off to Logos Land 
with our two little girls
and our close friends
Te Kapua & Lindsay.
We rented an RV
because you have to be INSANE to tent camp
with two toddlers!
Either that,
or really hardcore campers
which we are not.
We got to Logos Land and it started 
Not just raining...
it was POURING!!!!
a hang out in the car was issued until the rain died down
enough for us to run into our new home for a few days.
and what do you do in a car with 
two parents who are photographers?

 Finally it stopped raining and we got to see what we had in store.
The camper was AMAZING!!!
Full kitchen, bathroom, enough sleeping for 10 people.
We had no real plan.
all we knew was we were going to have some fun 
with our little family
and 2 of our closest friends.
We spent the next 2 days on waterslides, at the beach, at the petting zoo,
on paddleboats, sleeping, eating and of course playing games. 
Ellie even fell asleep on the kitchen floor on morning!

Here is a little glimpse:
these are iPhone only. We didn't bring our big honker cameras so my phone will have to do.

 This first picture ^^^ was right after we got back from a visit at the playground.
Lindsay & I thought it would be a good idea to take the girls on a walk.
We ended up at a playground, 
like most people with children often do.
We were there for 5 mins and it started POURING!!!
We ran under the play structure for shelter
but you can only crouch under something
while holding onto 25 pound little girls for so long.
our legs felt like they were going to break off.
The rain didn't look like it was going to let up,
so I looked at Lindsay and said
"do you want the lighter one or the heavier one?'
She took the lighter, Ellie
and we picked up the girls and ran as fast as we could up a big hill to shelter.
We got drenched!

 We are so glad we got to get away with our friends
because it seemed like summer was just so busy,
we barely got to spend any lengthy time with them!
After a breakfast in Noah's Ark,
we departed from each other and went our seperate ways.
We had no idea what was in store,
we just started driving.
We decided we would take a trip up north.
Luke has never been north at all,
and I spent half my childhood up there,
so we decided to take a roadtrip up there so I could show him where I grew up.
We hit North Bay and decided to rest there for the night.
We rented a hotel room and took a little tour of the city. 
Luke ended up driving down an underpass walkway which was HILARIOUS!
People were walking on it and had no idea why a car
was driving down it.
We got some dirty stares while we were laughing hysterically,
trying to figure out what was going on!
We found a BEAUTIFUL old carousel that they have running all the time.
The girls LOVED it.
We also took them on a little miniature CP rail train.

 We ended up at the GORGEOUS waterfront 
with an INCREDIBLE sunset.
It was a perfect day.

The next day,
we were off to New Liskeard & Englehart.
When we got to New Liskeard, 
we took a walk along the boardwalk.
I forgot how much I loved being down there.
It brought back so many memories.
It had seemed like nothing had changed,
but everything had changed all at once.
I have not been back to that area for over 10 years.
It was nice to re visit.
See everything through the eyes of an adult. 
A parent.
I forgot how beautiful the north is.
and how friendly the people are.
Everywhere we stopped,
people were just so friendly.
So willing to stop and chat,
even though you were strangers.
It's as though time moves slower up there.

We drove by my old house
and the school I graduated grade 8 from.
We drove up to Englehart and I showed him all the houses we lived in.
We traveled back to the booney's in Marter Township,
down the big dirt hills.
One house particularly,
was my favourite house I think I have ever lived in.
and I have lived in a LOT of houses.
The A frame.

I remember playing up on the balcony,
with my best friend Rachel.
Pretending we were old women,
dressed in my moms clothes
and using tv table stands for crutches.
I remember having the BIGGEST Christmas tree EVER!
It had to be like 10 feet high!
I remember laying on the couch with a broken arm,
a cast from my wrist to my shoulder.
and this is where I shaved my legs for the very first time.
We used to make forts under the edge of the roof
when it snowed.
It would become a little cave
and we would bring nailpolish out and decorate in the icy walls.
So many memories.
Flooding back.
It's wild how vivid your memory can be.

After our little visit,
a stroll around Englehart and a good 
workout on the play structure,
we headed back to North Bay.
We stayed another night in our hotel room and had a pizza party.

The next day we headed our trek home.
With construction and a hail storm that was so fierce,
we had to pull over and wait it out.
We finally made it home.

It was an incredible trip with my most favorite
people in the whole world.
A spontaneous road trip
that was not planned
but turned out just perfect!

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  1. That's so great! . I feel like the beginning was written just for me! Looks like it was a blast... Makes me mourn the summer.