Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 Years Ago

6 years ago.
6 years ago I married my best friend.
I walked down the isle in a white princess dress
to the man in the white tux.
We said our vows.
and Luke missed the kiss announcement.
and after a few moments of gut wrenching laughter,
we sealed our vows with a kiss.
And I became
Mrs. Haggett.
It's been 6 years.
We have had quite the adventure in our 6 years of marriage.
From living on the top floor at Tyndale
staying up all night and sleeping all day,
to the top floor of his parents house.
Only for a month.
From our little house on McKenzie
to South Africa for 2 months.
Coming home and a couple months later
finding out we are pregnant with our little Pea-Diddle.
A year later Pea came into this world and the world became a little brighter.
3 months later our little Ellie-Bean was made.
We were blessed with our house here on McGill
and Ellie-Bean was born.
A little fire cracker entered this world with her big blue eyes
that will steal any one's soul.
And now.
6 years later.
A lot has changed.
Pretty much everything has changed.
but the one thing I know
is that my love for Luke grows stronger
I married an amazing man.
I couldn't think of a better man for me.
He is perfect in every way.
and even his imperfections are perfect for me.
We fit like a glove.
His strengths are my weaknesses.
and his weaknesses are my strengths.
It's funny how God plans that.
So today.
We celebrate 6 years of marriage
and the many more we will have to come.


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