Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raising Godly Tomatoes

I have recently been connected with a few mothers
from the USA.
Godly women who are trying to raise their children 
in the best way possible.
Through this connection,
I have been introduced to a book:
Raising Godly Tomatoes
I am still waiting to get my copy in the mail
but I wanted to share a little piece from the book
that has inspired me 
and made me as a mother try to be the best mom possible
to my two girls and any other kids that come my way.

When parents....
"let their ambitions, housework, or hobbies become a 
higher priority then parenting,
and they begin to view their children as annoying interruptions,
this attitude guarantees failure, frustration, and anger.
Only by reordering your priorities and recognizing that parenting
is a highly demanding job will there be any hope 
for decent results and the absence of frustration."
Raising Godly Tomatoes
by L. Elizabeth Krueger

I have noticed myself feeling like this.
I get so focused on what needs to be done around the home
that I begin to neglect my children's needs.
I begin to get frustrated, angry, annoyed.
I get mad at them for bugging me.
For interrupting what I am doing.
but this should not be the way.
Parenting is not like that.
We should be there for our children.
They should be first.
My laundry can wait if I notice that one of my girls really needs my attention.
My dishes can sit there if they need my help.
Facebook & Instagram can wait.
It is a selfless job.
There isn't much room for selfishness.

I am excited to get the book and I am sure once I do, 
I will probably share more of what I am learning 
as I am growing into my parenting role.


  1. I love all your blog posts. I also respect how open and honest you are. That you share your trials and learning with others. I love that in doing so you are strengthening not only yourself but others while empowering them to realize that everyone feels this way or that at times and that isn't a bad thing. But it's an awesome thing to realize that and try to grow and become a better mother/wife/person etc. I respect and admire you!!