Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little Bit Of Mom

Today is Mother's Day.
This is my third.
I cannot even express in words how much joy my little girls have given me.
I cannot imagine living a life without them.

I have been blessed.
I have been blessed with a truly AMAZING mom.
A mom who showed me how to love.
Showed me how to care.
She showed me how to give
and how to open my heart and not judge.
She is a true role model.
A mom to many.
A light in a dark room.
She is full of joy.
She looks at life through the eyes of a child.
She is not afraid to follow her dreams.
Even if they fail
and in the end, she has nothing.
She is not afraid to step out of the mold.
To be different.
She is a friend to everyone.
She is not afraid to befriend a stranger.
Or be a friend to someone that others would never even take a glance at.
She loves.

One of my most treasured moments
from growing up
was the many late nights with her.
She would wake up at 1am, 2am, 3am.
She would make the most scrumptious snacks,
some would call them meals.
I would wake up and she would invite me out to sit with her
and eat while talking and laughing
or watching a show.
No matter what time it was,
she didn't care that I had to go to school the next morning.
she would open her arms
and let me stay up with her until we were so tired.

I only hope that I can be as much of a blessing to my children
as my mom has been to me.
I have grown up knowing I will be a mother someday.
I have never once thought
"I do not want kids"
God gave me a heart for children.
and whether I had them biologically,
or I adopted,
I knew
I was going to be a mom when I grew up.
I am blessed with 2 little girls.
Maybe we will have more.
Maybe we won't.
Maybe we will adopt.
Who knows.
But right now,
I know that I have 2 little girls that I want to pour everything
I possibly can into them.
I want to show them the love of God.
I want to show them the qualities of God that only women have.
I want to build them up.
I want them to know that they are loved.
Not just by me,
but by their daddy.
Their grandparents.
Their aunts & uncles
and friends.
But most importantly,
by God.
Being a mom is not easy.
It is the hardest thing I have ever done.
But I would never take it back.
Not even for a second.
My girls are the most precious little people in the world to me.

Happy Mothers Day
to all you mothers out there,
whether you are biological, step-mom, your baby is up in heaven with Jesus, 
or if you are one of those amazing women that doesn't have children of their own, 
but you pour into others that need that extra hand to hold.
 May you be blessed not just today
but every day of the year.

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