Sunday, October 2, 2011

Youth Retreat Weekend!

This past weekend, we took the youth to a cottage we stayed at this summer, the Healey's cottage. We left friday night and came back late last night. It was a lot of fun and I think everyone who came had a really great time! Friday we all got there around 7pm. We played games, some went in the hot tub, sang some songs. The guys were sleeping at the other cottage just next to us, about a 5min walk so they all left around midnight to head back there and the girls got to sleep in the nice heated cottage! Lindsay and TK came as extra help so Lindsay stayed with me in the girls place and TK went with Luke. Friday night was special. Yes, "SPECIAL!!" Me and Lindsay went upstairs to go brush our teeth and get ready for bed and the first thing we both did when we got upstairs was let out some bodily functions. It didn't help that we had toothbrushes with toothpaste in our mouths when it happened! So the laughter came, uncontrollable laughter. Then the tears. Then the drooling of toothpaste all over the floor. It was "special" all right. The teen girls that were staying with us had all been downstairs, right under the loft where we were and they had no idea what the heck was going on. It was quite ridiculous and hilarious! We ended up not going to bed till after 3am and up at 9am to eggs and bacon! After breakfast we had a good devotion and worship time. After lunch we had a ridiculous game of Capture The Flag. If you have ever been out to the Healey's cottage, you will know what the grounds are like! It is all rocky and uneven and a great spot to play games! I ended up flying head over heels over a dead tree and then rolling between 2 trees breaking branches on the way down. Then Emma was chasing me and I tried to go over a huge dead tree and I ended up on top of Emma! I am so sore today from that game! It was a rough game with MANY scrapes and bruises! We chilled in the hot tub after that, and played a RIDICULOUS game called "pterodactyl" where you have to say "pterodactyl" while not showing your teeth. It is MUCH HARDER than you think! We also played "Darling, if you love me will you please, please smile". I am AWFUL at that game and Amanda would target me every single time. The good thing was I could get people to laugh pretty easily so I never stayed in the middle for very long! After dinner we played Man Hunt which Lindsay totally killed at. Nobody had any idea where she was it ended up she was under the deck tucked in a dark corner! lol We had a bonfire to end the night off with Smores! All in all it was a great weekend with lots of laughs and fun!

It's funny being on the other side of youth now. Once, I was that boy crazy teenager that went to the youth weekend's flirting with the boys and so giddy. Now I am a leader and I see it so differently. I want to go back to my youth leaders and ask them, were we really like this? Did you know more than you led us to believe? How much did you really see and not say anything? It's funny how as you grow up, you see so much more than when you were younger. You aren't so naive. This weekend really made me think back to my highschool days and laugh.

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