Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photoshoot Monday

Yesterday was a jam packed day full of taking pictures! The girls woke up and Nana came over to take care of them as we left for the day with a camera in our hands. We started out going to the Haggett farm. Rebecca had purchased a gift certificate for her friend Stephanie almost a year ago to get maternity photos done. As all you mothers know, pregnancy isn't the easiest of times and you get pretty wrapped up in just trying to get through it near the end, so she decided she would keep it and use it towards a baby photoshoot for her little guy, Tristan! He is almost 1 now and that is a great age to take photos of a child! We walked into the farm house not knowing who Stephanie or Tristan were and we were greeted with huge smiles! Stephanie is a lovely woman and Tristan did not have a lack of smiles at all. We took them around the farm taking various shots and Tristan was so co-operative. At least for the first 45mins. The last few minutes he started to break down but it was so adorable. Here is a shot from the shoot:

After the photoshoot, we left the farm and headed home for a little bit to put the pictures on the computer and take a quick look at them, then we were headed off to Kilmarnock Apple Orchard for a family photoshoot of the McDonald's. I met Andrea through a play group that I go to on Wednesdays. They have a little guy named Vaughn who is absolutely adorable. He would NOT crack a smile the entire photoshoot no matter how retarded we were! Near the end of the photoshoot I got him to stick out his tongue and there was a tiny smirk behind it! That was the closest we got to a smile. We still captured some adorable pics of Dave, Andrea and little Vaughn! They were a great family to work with and we had a lot of fun! Here is a photo of little Vaughn:

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