Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our House Upside Down

We can't seem to catch a break.
This move has been exhausting.
Who thought it would be a good idea to get pregnant
and then move when you are almost in your 3rd trimester?
Stupid idea!
And then we get blown with a stomach bug
that is just downright AWFUL!
Ellie has been sick since Wednesday.
I have not cleaned up so much puke in the last 10 years than
I have in the last 5 days!
Everywhere you can imagine!
Our washer machine has had a good workout 
the last few days!
We thought she was getting better,
she hadn't puked in almost 48hrs, she had eaten a dinner & a breakfast
and then what do ya know?
She starts it up again.
The poor little thing has been in such great spirits
for most of the time which makes it a little easier.
Lots of cuddling and watching tv.
She has been drinking lots which is very good,
she is always asking for water.
Luke decided he would take Pea to church with him
since she had no symptoms of the flu whatsoever.
On the drive there, they got just around Carleton Place
and she threw up all over.
We have yet to decide whether it was car sickness or the flu.
She seemed fine after she got home and got in the bath 
and she hasn't seemed off since
so we are leaning towards car sickness
and praying that she isn't getting this nasty bug!
It's been a WILD few days
and in all this craziness....
we are moving!!!
Tomorrow is our last day in this house
and it will be a BUSY one!
Send a prayer or two up for our family
that the whole move goes smooth
and that our little ones are feeling better asap!
When it pours right?

 Always so happy, even when she is sick!

 Pea is taking it easy today and she just sat and held my hand while watching a show.

 Luke was falling asleep on the couch so the girls decided he need
cookies and a Dora baby to keep him company.

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