Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Whirlwind Is Calming

These last few months
have been nothing but chaos.
I don't think we have stopped at all
just to breathe.
It has been good changes,
good reasons for change,
but still,
change is hard.
We have been spending all our free time looking 
for a place to live.
If anyone has ever ventured past the wonderful 
world of Smiths Falls to look for houses,
you understand.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
The prices are CRAZY!!!
You are looking at double, sometimes triple the amount
of money for the same place.
I would have to say
it got discouraging pretty fast.
after months of searching and running back and forth to Ottawa,
we finally found it!
A house that we can call home!!!
We will be moving in at the end of May
and I cannot wait!
It has everything we were looking for!!!
3 bedrooms plus an extra in the basement,
fully finished basement,
a decent backyard which is HARD to find in the city,
and a kitchen with NO carpet!!!
Not that most people put carpet in the kitchen anyways...
but that was one of our requirements
moving from this place that does.
It's a great little spot and I have to say I am excited to 
start this new adventure with our little family!

In crazy news....
Luke only has 1 week left at Smiths Falls Free Methodist Church.
It is quite insane to think about.
That has been our church for the past 16 years
so it is going to be a little hard to say goodbye.
We met in the front pew of that church,
grew up in those pews,
climbed over and under them,
had sleepovers in that church,
and made so many memories there.
So many people in that church have watched us grow up,
get married,
start a family.
It's wild to think we are going to leave.
We are so excited about the new adventure God has for us though!
Chapel Ridge has already been so welcoming
and open to us!
I don't think God could have picked a better spot to plunk us in.
We just have to get over the nerves
and the fears and the unknown.

Another fun thing we have been battling lately
is an AWFUL mouth virus!!!
Pea & Ellie developed this crazy virus in their mouth
that was just downright disgusting!!!
At first we had no idea what it was,
Pea just started developing these canker sores all over her tongue.
She had about 10 or 12 of them.
Then the next day they turned into huge blusters,
some were bleeding and raw.
Her gums got all inflamed and swollen.
You could not brush her teeth because her gums would start bleeding instantly.
You could barely even see her eye teeth
because her gums were so swollen.
Poor little thing, didn't eat anything for 7 days. 
Ellie didn't get it quite as bad
which I am so thankful for!!!
We spent a full week in lock down, not going anywhere.
The poor girls were so excited the first day we went outside again,
they were jumping up and down as they walked.
After multiple Dr visits and a visit to the dentist,
we found out that the virus was not hand, foot mouth.
It was a cold sore virus.
Apparently it is rather common in kids 5 and under that have never 
come in contact with it before,
to react the way my girls reacted to it.
Oh the things you go through when you are a parent.
I hope no little kids I know ever have to go through this thing.
The Dr said it is worse than HFM disease
and much more painful.
Thankfully it is over,
my girls are back to eating for the most part.
Pea has lost a fair bit of weight 
but what can ya do when she doesn't eat for a week!?!?
They say once your child has this virus,
they will never have it again like this.
And because pretty much every adult has had a cold sore 
once in their lifetime,
it is not contagious for adults.
Only to children who have never come in contact with it before.
Thankfully it is over!!!

Another big thing that happened this week
is the fact that we found out we are having
A BOY!!!!
He is 100% for sure a boy!!!
There are no doubts,
he was completely open for us to see!!!
At first it took a bit to get my head around.
I think just because I am so used to girls that I didn't really think
about having a boy.
We are really excited though!!!
I will definitely need to change our house up a bit and add 
some boy things around our new place
because right now,
our house is very much owned by girls!!!
And boy clothes!!!
Although I am sure the girls will get him in a few tutus here and there.
So that is exciting news for us!!!

All in all,
our last few months have been insanely eventful 
and we are just thankful that everything is coming together!

Now if only the weather would warm up a bit!!!!

We did take the girls out the other day to Randy's house
to visit some little chicks that just hatched!
The girls were so excited, it made their entire week!
possibly month!
They held one each and were so great!
Pea was so extremely gentle with the little chick,
it was adorable!!!
I will leave you with a few pics from our little outing:

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