Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sorry Friends

Our lives are changing fast.
As most of you know,
Luke accepted an assistant pastoring job in Stittsville.
He starts May 1st.
Lately our lives have been consisting of every
ounce of spare time looking at houses online,
making appts to see them,
talking about them,
searching for a van
and trying to stay caught up on our photography
which has been booming for the first few months of this new year
and we have actually had to turn a fair bit of people down for family sessions and such.
In the middle of all this craziness of searching,
Luke is still working full time
and we still have our two little bundles that keep us insanely busy.
House hunting has been a stressful endeavor
that we really didn't think was going to be so hard.
when you start looking into the surroundings of Ottawa for a house,
everything gets a lot more pricey and a lot less spacious.
So here we are,
in the midst of a whirlwind
with a pregnant mommy who has a bawl session almost daily,
trying to figure out how everything will work out.
Commuting is not an option.
If Luke was at a 9-5 Monday-friday job,
we would consider commuting
but with pastoring, you just can't.
Your time is so chopped up
with an hour here and 2 hours there.
So all of that being said,
we have been horrible friends.
We have barely socialized with anyone in the past little while now
and it is not that we don't want to,
it is just that any spare time that we have had,
we are exhausted because we have been running back and fourth,
here and there.
Our world has shifted,
in a good way
but we are just trying to stay sane while coping with all the changes happening.
Thank you all for being patient with us,
if I haven't returned an email, commented on your facebook,
or given you a phone cal recently,
please don't take offense.
I have been limiting the amount of time I spend on the computer
because there are so many little things around here that I need to spend my spare time on
such as dishes, laundry,
organizing our house for showings because our house is up for sale now
and there usually is a shower in there once in a while. lol
We are so grateful for all our friendships we have and we are very sorry if we have seemed distant.
We would really appreciate your prayers,
I know God has it all planned out for us
but right now it looks like everything we thought was going to work
has fallen through.
We are onto a new adventure and we are ready for all the unknowns to be shown.

Thanks so much!!!


  1. Praying for you guys ...for clarity making tough decisions, peace, and strength during these big changes. We love you guys!! -the Nelson's

  2. Stacy & Faith WongMarch 28, 2013 at 8:17 PM

    Hi Lee, thank you for being such a blessing! Reading your updates have been awesome, though 9,000 miles away! We understand your struggles & will stand in the gap for you, Luke & 3 lovely children. Matthew 6:25-34, we love you all! S&F

    1. Thanks so much Stacy & Faith!!!!
      I'm glad we can keep you updated even when you are so far away! Hopefully someday we will be able to see each other in person again and I can meet your beautiful wife!
      Love you guys!!!